Board of Commissioners

Members of the Board of Commissioners, PHA employees, and any others serving in an official position or acting as an agent of the PHA (hereafter referred to as employees, officers, or agents) must discharge their duties impartially to ensure fair competitive access to procurement opportunities by responsible contractors. Moreover, employees, officers, and agents should conduct themselves in such a manner as to foster the public’s confidence in the integrity of the PHA procurement organization and process. Any attempt to realize personal gain through PHA employment or to serve as an officer or agent of the PHA through actions inconsistent with the proper discharge of duties is a breach of public trust. 

2024 Commissioners

Richard Kolber - Chairman

Anthony Panzica - Vice Chairman

Rudolph Cherney - Commissioner

Susan Heffernan - Commissioner

Paul Johnson - Commissioner

Kimberly Kratz - Commissioner

Robin Socol-Stella - Commissioner